We specialize in green and environmentally friendly artwork in Vitreaux and Stained Glass
We offer custom made designs in for your Stained Glass Windows, Stained Glass Cabinet Inserts, Glass Doors, Glass Domes, Ceiling, Stained Mirrors, Glass Screens, Stained Glass for Church, Temples and Tiffany Lamps.

Let us design new ideas in Stained Glass for your project and the challenges that we propose


Restoration does not necessarily mean fixing a broken glass. The restoration of a Stained Glass means to recover its former splendor and glory. For example, a religious image may be aged, dark or damaged by fire or other environmental causes What we do is restore the stained glass it’s like moving the needle backward on a clock.

We also offer restoration of historical stained glass pieces in the US or throughout the world. Our portfolio of projects demonstrates our commitment to restoration excellence. Stained Glass Of Miami offers restoration of Stained Glass Domes, Doors, Ceilings, Tiffany stained glass Lamps and others you consider necessary to restore. We can also just replace all metals in lead, brass, zinc, copper or remount windows to look like paintings.


We specialize in custom Stained Glass work repair. Repair or fix means in some cases, completely disarming the stained glass to replace one of its pieces, glass or supports that may be of lead, brass, copper and Zinc. Once the piece is replaced, we proceed to the assembly and cleaning of the artwork.

In other cases, simply replace some small parts without disassembling the entire stained glass such as repairing a glass door, kitchen door, partitions, panels, dividers, domes, windows and ceilings.


Stained Glass Of Miami offers construction and installation (with or without impact glass) of French Stained Glass artwork made with materials such as hand-crafted antique or hand blown glass, bronze, silver, zinc, lead and copper.

Stained Glass Of Miami works with a multitude of architects, designers, decorators, general contractors and homeowners which makes a great team. We can also consult with regard to choice of colors, glass and style selection for indoor and outdoor lighting options to obtain a beautiful piece of art while working in harmony with the existing design and decoration.


Stained Glass Of Miami also offers maintenance and cleaning of stained glass. One example is the dome and the stained glass ceiling which requires constant cleaning to prevent deterioration of the lead and the materials used to keep the glass from moving. Stained glass paintings also requires maintenance and cleaning since most pieces, over the course of time, will get darker and lose its brilliance.

There are some cases that stained glass pieces was not properly maintained and unfortunately, it cannot be recovered. Depending upon the type of glass, we can use certain chemicals solely made for the type of glass and the type of damage. Water damage, for example, is very difficult to remove and requires special techniques in order not to damage the pigment of the glass.


Consultation on Stained Glass includes various aspects such as evaluation of the damage, evaluation of environmental light, protection and isolation. The detailed inspection is one of the most important aspects in considering a new project where we can list the pros and cons of a restoration of an already installed Stained Glass or recreation of the same artwork.


Most of the churches, and homeowners have an insurance company and and insurance agent to guide them in the best coverage. Usually this is a problem because insurance agents vendors are not expert in the art of glass.

The possibility that they can make an estimate with precision, considering all the items it takes to do a restoration or repair, very little.

In Stained Glass Of Miami, made the assessment of damages, with photographic documentation and detailing point by point the problem will end up with a detailed report of damage to the steps describing how to repair and the cost of such work.


Building a stained glass domes, stained glass window or a stained glass door etc, not just cut and assemble parts but the study of environmental colors in where it will be install the stained glass, the natural light during the day and light artificial night are very important factors to consider colors and have the harmony within the stained glass as with the place
A stained glass window that does not respect these aspects may detract from the work, means that the stay stained glass too dark or too bright, or simply that the colors do not achieve the harmony with the prevailed colors of the environment.